Here at Fortunate Food Co. (FFC) are a team of passionate students entrepeneurs eager to make an impact. Founded in 2015, we have been on a journey to find ways to fight the war on waste, and empower people to take action and become more conscious of their interactions with food.  We have seen first hand, the environmental, economical and social implications of food waste in our society. We have visited farms, slaved in the kitchen and now sell our delicious chutney not only at Markets, but in some independent grocers (go here to find out more).

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We are fighting the war on waste. We aim to transform the imperfect, or oversupplied fruits from supermarkets and farms into delicious chutneys to alleviate food wastage, one jar at a time. We have come up with an tasty recipe so that you can  show some love to these imperfect, unloved fruits too! All our chutney jars are 100% handmade, sourced from perfectly edible tomatoes, onions and chillies.

We are also working on a project to find the best way that we can use our profits for good. We are working to empower disadvantaged members of society by providing them with invaluable work experience whilst educating them about the food waste epidemic that exists in our society. You can get involved too! Simply get in contact with us here !

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