“We seek to transform ugly fruit into delicious chutneys and
support in the education of disadvantaged youths
to empower them to be future leaders.”



At Fortunate Food Co. (FFC), we are a team of passionate student entrepreneurs transforming surplus off-spec fruits into delicious chutneys as we aim to alleviate food wastage one jar at a time. These products are then sold at various markets and cafés around Sydney with profits used to empower youths of today to be the future leaders of tomorrow.

All of us are consumers, and we all have a role to play. The more the FFC team learnt about food wastage, the more conscious we became of it. Over the past year, we have been to the farms and we have been to the markets. We have seen first-hand just how this translates to lost income for our farmers and landfill and waste issues for our communities. With one of Woolworth’s premier suppliers discarding more than 40 tonnes of tomatoes every fortnight at their farms due to strict consumer cosmetic standards we knew something had to be done.

Through the business model we have developed we also saw the chance to utilize our own skills and the opportunities our enterprise created to make a genuine positive impact within those less fortunate. We talked to teachers and youths around Sydney and listened to their stories. They shared with us their experiences and showed us the struggles and challenges disadvantaged youths around Sydney face every day. Our growing awareness sparked our imagination and from our industry and community insights, we took this opportunity to drive change through innovation.


How Do We Operate?

Fruit & Veg ​

We collect disfigured, surplus and off-spec produce to transform into our delicious chutneys and juices.


We provide disadvantaged youths with workshops aimed at personal and professional development - food safety, hospitality, customer service and business skills.


We provide opportunities for disadvantaged youths to apply and practice these skills in a commercial setting, realising their potential. How?

  • Through the production of chutney, juices and other FFC products.
  • Assistance in product development and testing.
  • Provision of paid work experience at markets, to practise their customer service and financial literacy skills whilst re-instilling their confidence.
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